Friday, December 8, 2017

The Crown

New Years Eve boasts of new hopes, new dreams, and new possibilities. Why not wear a crown to own the last night of the year? In celebration I selected this crown, I honestly love it and it's adjustable. 

I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it, and it is perfect for petites. Between the crown, and the draping of the dress I honestly do feel like a Queen. If you recognize the style of the crown it is the same exact designer that featured on CW network's Reign on Adelaide Kane, Mary Queen of Scots. It truly is fit for a Queen whether on-or-off screen. The crowns were also featured on Catherine de Medici and Princess Claude.

What better timing to wear the crown, since Netflix's The Crown premieres today - which I am beyond excited to binge watch all of the episodes. I might have to wear my crown while sipping hot cocoa in bed. I didn't plan that but I'm giddy over the timing since I am a fan of The Crown. 

All this talk of Reign and The Crown, this crown certainly does the trick to make for a regal look for NYE. Ring the New Year in a regal way.

I loved tying in tones of gold with this hunter green dress, made exclusively for petites. Beautiful draping around the shoulder and a sexy slit in the front make this a beautiful go-to New Year’s Eve dress. I typically have trouble finding the perfect length in dresses, even in petites and they did this dress so beautifully and so perfectly for petites. All hail a perfect petites dress. 

As Lorde says, “I’m little but I’m coming for the crown.” Well put from a 5’ 5” petite someone who knows we’ll never be royals, but we can always party in royal fashion.

Cheers to your coronation in the new year. 

Photography Scott Perez 

Ze Holiday Style

The perfect dress is a must for the month of December for all of the office holiday parties, Christmas events, and New Years Eve invites and this dress does not fail to impress. Be sure to RSVP "Yes" this Christmas to any and every invite you receive for any party requiring elegant attire, as an excuse to dress up. Use the same dress for various parties with a different RSVP list, guests of different parties won't have to know you wore your favorite dress twice. 

The reason I selected this dress is because it is completely customizable from the color to the length, and the straps are adjustable as well. Perfect for petites. 
There is no such thing as excess jewelry for an elegant Christmas party, especially New Years Eve. 

I layered my favorite necklaces with this dress, typically I choose gold and decided to go with a silver -- and who doesn't love a good statement earring? 

On this look I paired earrings and layered necklace together - the more the merrier. So I say, especially for holidays. Fa-la-lovely. 

Just don't over do the pile-on of jewelry, think statement that makes sense with the dress you're wearing. You always know you can reach out to me to plan your look, or help to decipher and debate on what jewelry you're wanting to pair and layer. I think these necklaces are a good starting point for any low-v-neckline. 

If I wear a necklace I do not wear a statement earring and vice-versa. But this was just too fun to layer on earrings and necklaces that I thought were stunning. This is the perfect holiday go-to look and if you're in a rush, all can be rush shipped. The shoes are from my wedding, and I've linked similar styles. I wanted just a touch of a bow somewhere for the holidays. 

And if my invite does come for a night out on the town type of Christmas party, you bet this will be exactly what I will be wearing. I've channeled my inner Sabrina on the tennis court waiting for David Larabee with champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne in hand. 

Photography Scott Perez

Dress // Necklaces one, two & three // Polish Color // Shoes 
// Earrings 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

All Ze Details | Fall Looks Diary

Photos by Griot Photo for All Ze Details 

Fall is such a wonderful time, and for us Texans it is a time of celebration, to celebrate the cooler weather; A time to open our windows and let the cool air in, a time to look forward to with upcoming holidays, vacations, and FOOD - er, I mean a time to be thankful. But all together - it's time to celebrate fashion. Ways to layer in pieces we've not yet used in our wardrobes, a time to celebrate outfits that consist of more than one-or-two pieces and a time to pull out those booties! I have so many fall shoes to share with you guys that I am crazy about. 

More than ever, I love celebrating local talents here in Houston, especially local designers. This necklace is from a Houston designer who does creative pieces, and I will list her below in the All Ze Details call-out listings below. I truly love layering necklaces, but in this case this one spoke to me as a singlet for this particular outfit. 

I have been a Miu Miu fan for years, and this bag makes its way into my fall wardrobe. I love the pop of color and the raceway chic appeal that this bag has. And I tied it in with a tribal cardigan that graces the floor, I'm petite so I'm so ecstatic that it fits me perfectly in length. I paired it with a half faux leather, half cotton paneled top underneath, there is a very similar top to shop here

These booties have already been my go-to for fall, being petite I love the height and I absolutely love how comfortable they are. Did I mention they're on sale now for under $40? I would snag some before they sell out, they're a great addition to have for your fall wardrobe. Snag a pair here

I LOVE these leggings, they are faux leather in the front, and cotton in the back with detailed zipper pockets up top. The waist is a comfortable cotton band, they are no longer in stock at Cotton On, but here is a similar pair

This is one of my go-to outfits for fall, and I hope that you guys love it, too!

Happy Fall y'all!

Necklace | BootiesTop (Similar) | Leggings (Similar) | Handbag

Shop Similar Styles of Leather Leggings

Monday, September 25, 2017

Meet My Blogger Bestie, Hallie Friedman of Sleepless In Sequins

Photos by Grant Friedman 

Back in NYC for Fashion Week and I could not have made it through the week without my Blogger Bestie, Hallie of Sleepless In Sequins. We strolled through the park and had a few laughs to do a shoot, but this is what our typical hang-outs are like. 

Photos by Grant Friedman 

We met via Instagram a couple of years ago, while on a stopover in NYC, before a flight back to London - where I was living at the time, and we collaborated together for Elaine Turner, and the rest was history. Hallie is a fabulous blogger, and jewelry designer and if that wasn't enough she also works full-time - I don't know how she does it! We have kept in touch ever since (only meeting once before this, and stayed in-touch) and became instant friends from there. 

Photos by Grant Friedman 

Now everytime in NYC I must see Hallie, and I keep in touch with her no matter where I am in the world. She has such a fabulous knack for blogging, and putting fabulous outfits together, and she has become such a great and inspirational friend. She is definitely the Serena to my Blair. And brings a bit of a Sex In The City vibe to her blog, that I love about each and every one of her outfits featured on Sleepless in Sequins. 

Photos by Grant Friedman

We went and shopped our little hearts out for this post; We shopped in between shows from NYFW and had no time to change into flats what we featured were outfits that we selected to wear in our own everyday wardrobe and I loved that we coordinated. Polka dots consistent within each pattern and each dress perfect for shifts - perfect from day-to-night. 

We were long overdue for catch ups and I loved exploring more of NYC with Hallie this last week. We took on an after-party event at Rebecca Minkoff, caught a cab for tea at Laduree, did the naughtiest and most-touristy dessert at Serendipity (It wasn't our fault to be so touristy, we joined a group of other blogger babes at Serendipity that we enjoyed the company of; Double Shot of Sass, It's All Chic To Me, Tayler Malott, and Ling Wang Photography and to top that off I'm always in the mood for this touristy spot, since Serendipity is one of my favorite movies) and if that wasn't enough we went to Tavern On The Green not once or twice where I may or may not have indulged twice in carrot cake; Which you should try, by the way, it's fabulous. 

Channeling our inner Spice Girl. Photos by Grant Friedman

We literally did a stroll through Central Park, in heels, and caught up. And the photographs are just glimpses of our little catch-up. I truly love this gal, and you should definitely check out her blog, Sleepless In Sequins, and follow her on Instagram at @sleeplessinsequins. Browse her fabulous jewelry, that she hand-designs, on her blog as well! I love her jewelry, she is so incredibly talented. Her blog is fabulous and definitely going places; Her imagery, fashion, and talent are definitely going to put her blog on the spot. 

All of the photos were done by Grant Friedman, Hallie's husband who is a crazy-incredibly-talented photographer who does beautiful imagery, his work is absolutely incredible and you must check out his site. His links are posted on all of the photography above. He's hands-down going to be a household name in photography one day. Hallie and Grant are the ultimate super-talented-duo. The ultimate power-couple. They both inspire me so much, and Grant some how found the time to do our fun images through Central Park on top of fashion week, so thank you for that! 

Hallie is going to be with me throughout every fashion week going forward, because tea (a proper sit-down hot tea with a splash of milk...aka Marie Antoinette tea at Laduree), processco, carrot cake, and just all-around slowing down to catch up are much needed in this crazy fashion-forward life. 
Find our other adventures on #HailiAndHallieAdventures via instagram. 

All Ze Details on Haili's Look 
Dress | Bag | Shoes 

All Ze Details on Hallie's Look 

Monday, September 18, 2017

La Paisible

 I was sitting in my cousin’s room and she had books spread out on the floor, one a biography of Princess Diana, and another loosely based on the artifacts of Pompei. I was maybe 6 or 7 years old and my cousin, a few years older than myself loved to read books. A poster hung on her wall of Audrey Hepburn. I asked her who the picture was of, she was surprised and taken aback that I had not known who Audrey Hepburn was. Audrey had only passed a couple of years before and I had just come to know the story of Audrey; there started my infinite love for her, and her life.

Jump forward a couple of decades later and my husband and I were traveling to Switzerland for work. I had long come to know the story of La Paisible, where Audrey would reside for 30 years, and stay until the last days of her life. I had not known exactly where La Paisible was but it was engrained in my memory as being in Switzerland, and I believe I first saw the story mentioned in this book. I was ecstatic to figure out via Google that her home was only a few short train stops from me. I instantly bought a train ticket upon our arrival to discover where she had lived. It was a beautiful afternoon. I thought I would be the only one traveling to her home seeing that it has been years since she had lived there, and that I felt like a crazy person even doing so. From the train stop I noticed that others were walking in the same direction, which actually remained to be the same group I stayed with for the entire walk over to La Paisible. Along the way there were train stops with Audrey’s name on them, a statue of Audrey, and a beautiful sunflower field that I decided to get lost in – with the Swiss Alps landscaping the scenery in the distance. What a beautiful town, no wonder Audrey wanted to live here.

I took in the scenery and sat by Audrey’s statue to switch into heels. It only felt right to switch into heels to pay respect to the fashion icon that has forever inspired me. I wore a little black dress as well. Walking by her home felt like a dream, and I had an overwhelming mixed emotion of wanting to laugh and cry at the same time. My heart was full to see her home, what a beautiful place. In every book I have ever owned detailing Audrey’s life – I had always seen La Paisable in pictures, and here I was standing right in the very spot.

Another moment I will never forget was actually getting to pay my respects to Audrey. This is not something I would suggest anyone do, since it is a private little cemetery - no tourists went beyond looking at Audrey's statue or home. Audrey has completely inspired my life and I wanted to pay my respects. I spent the rest of the day walking through the sunflower fields, in my heels, and walking along the roads of the town. It was so beautiful, and quiet and such a relaxing trip. My husband caught a photo of me praying quietly while paying my respects to Audrey. It was a moment that I can not describe, I can not put it into words - how I felt. It was such a beautiful and surreal moment. 

What I wanted to turn into a blog post when I visited, has taken me this long to post since it was such a private and memorable moment - I couldn't decide whether I wanted to share it. 

But it is Audrey Hepburn, and she has inspired all of our lives in such a positive and impactful way, I thought - why not share it, with those who feel as strongly about Audrey as I do. Please enjoy the post. I have forever loved seeing La Paisable in books, and although I will never see her home in all of its glory - we can all enjoy the outside of La Paisable and the beauty of Tolochenaz, Switzerland. A beautiful and quite little town that Audrey would call home for her last 30 years.

And the town was very welcoming, with open arms - one of the neighbors decided to stop in for a couple of photos, which you'll see below; Because that's the spirit of Tolochenaz - welcoming, and quaint. 

 Photo Credits All Ze Details 

 © Bettman Archive / Getty Images from the Christie's website

This post coincides with the auction of the personal collection of Audrey Hepburn at Christie's in London. The auction includes Audrey's working script for Breakfast At Tiffany's from 1960, a cocktail gown created by Givenchy for Audrey for the production of Charade, and original portraits taken by Cecil Beaton. More items are available for preview on the Christie's website.

There is also a fun evening of celebration at Christie's for a night full of Audrey Hepburn, for all of my fellow Audrey Hepburn lovers:

"Christie's Lates launches at King Street with an evening of activities and talks celebrating Audrey Hepburn, ahead of our auction of her personal collection in London. Wander through our exhibition of the remarkable objects she collected, used and loved; get an Audrey-inspired makeover with beauty concierge Ruuby; or sit back and enjoy a screening of Breakfast at Tiffany's at our pop-up cinema. Entry is free and Audrey-inspired outfits are welcome. Due to limited capacity, admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis." -Christie's


8 King Street
London SW1Y 6QT
Monday 25 September 2017

6pm – 9pm

To inquire about the Christie's Lates | Audrey Hepburn event click here.

Side note: The Hepburn bag linked is the updated, newly released Hepburn bag and the shoes are from Australia, I've linked similar ones. 

Little Black Dresses, Audrey Approved
and my favorite Hepburn bag and little pink shoes 


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