Sunday, July 30, 2017

Petites Maxi Dress Perfected

Alexandra Montoya Photography for All Ze Details

The first time I spotted this dress I fell in love with the print combo, I also fell in love with the fact that it came in petites and the length was absolutely perfect. I am not going to lie, the first time I saw this dress I thought of Martha Shaw; Noah Calhoun's love interest post/pre-Allie Hamilton. It reminds me of the wrap dress that Martha wears when we first meet her in the Notebook. I guess I have seen that movie a time-or-two to be reminded of a character's costume that we only see two-three times in the movie. So, there's my two-cents on how I felt about the dress first-glance. I think that costume designer, Karyn Wagner would have definitely styled Martha in this dress. 

Moving on from Martha. 

I love the unexpected ease and pattern play that this dress has to offer. Another thing? This dress is so easy to throw on and ultimately the easiest way to dress up this summer. The wrap design makes for an incredibly comfortable fit. I combined the look with a few pops of color, which is out of my comfort zone seeing that I tend to stick to an all-black wardrobe. 

This dress is an easy go-to and one of my favorite staples. 
I envision wine-tasting in Napa in this dress, traveling through Europe (an easy roll-up-and-go, pack light type of dress), and just a fun weekend go-to.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Lowdown On High Waisted Denim

Photography by Alexandra Montoya for All Ze Details

I was a little apprehensive about wearing a pair of high waisted denim, and I actually fell in love with this pair of denim. This pair is absolutely fantastic in the fit and although their entirely comfortable they do not lack in structure. I was absolutely in need of a pair of high waisted denim with all of the crop tops I've taken a liking to this summer. After becoming a Mommy I did not think it possible to wear crop tops again and this pair of denim definitely made it possible for me. I am wearing the Petites denim, this pair does definitely come in petites and it is still available to shop in petites sizes. 

This top is fabulous, too and [cherry-on-top] it is on sale. The color and pattern are gorgeous, and it's light-weight. My kind-of top for a weekend throw-on with a perfect pair of denim. 

For a quick add on to dress up my look I absolutely loved this pair of fringe earrings which were a quick-fix to quickly pair for my weekend look. This pair is beautiful and unique and made my designer Alejandra Aspillaga Accessories. She was also featured in my previous post, you can read more about the designer here

This quick go-to look can easily work for vacation as the jeans can be worn several times during your trip to create various looks, this can be worn during a weekend bar-b-que, family reunion or just as a casual hang out look for the weekend. Easy-Peasy! 

I could also rave about the shoes all day. I literally wear mine all of the time, they are the most comfortable pair of chunky heels that I own. They are on sale as well and are wonderful from work-to-weekend. 

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summer Styled Mastered

Alexandra Montoya Photography for All Ze Details

I have been seeking out the best summer ready-to-wear, or ready-to-throw on, rather. I have since found that I am in love with white denim, denim in general - and easy tops that do not require dry-cleaning or hand-wash because to be realistic - who has time for that?

I am in love with this top in coral, and I love the fabric - especially in this Texas heat. I absolutely love this pair of white denim. I purchased them in petites here. It is always hard for me to find a good pair of petites denim and these did the trick. They're incredibly soft as well and easy to wash. I decided to wear these to my baby's 1st birthday party and the cake stains washed right out. White was not the color of choice for a cake smash, but hey - they're down-right comfortable, so don't judge. 

The earrings are from a Houston-based designer Alejandra Aspillaga and I absolutely love to jazz up a casual outfit with good accessories. Her earrings are also available for purchase at Elaine Turner in Houston, read more about Alejandra Aspillaga in an interview I did with her, in my last feature here. I combined the earrings with Samantha Wills  bangles that I received while living in Australia. I love her brand, you should check it out if you already haven't. 

Top from Anthropologie | Pants from Anthropologie | Earrings by Alejandra Aspillaga | Bracelet Set by Samantha Wills


Friday, June 23, 2017

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

My husband and I would like to announce our pregnancy! We had the opportunity to announce this special time from the most magical place on earth - Walt Disney World

Before booking a birthday trip to Walt Disney World, which also served as a baby moon, we decided to book portraits at Walt Disney World. In which I am so glad that we did. We booked with Aunesty Reikofski Photography whom is a local photographer in Orlando. I was referred to her by another Disney photographer and was glad that she was available to take our portraits. 

Dresses were incredibly hard for me to find - being pregnant and petite, it is such a hard task for me to find clothing. My normal clothing does not fit. Even sizing up in regular clothing, I still do not fit,  as the side seams do not give and are not made for pregnancy. I came across this dress  online and studied the seams and fit, and it looked like a perfect pregnancy dress (for petites) as it had a little "give" and a hi-lo fit to help cover my little bundle of joy. The dress did fit perfectly (in most areas), and I had a seamstress take it out a bit on the side seams to ensure for a perfect fit during portraits, as I knew my bump would grow after receiving the dress. I am usually a size 00/XS and I went up to a size 2 in the dress. I chose a color that was readily available on the site in which it turned out beautifully in the portraits. 

A special thank you to Fame & Partners for sending over the dress for this blog post at this special time. My choice selection of dress and opinions on this dress, posted on All Ze Details, are my own.  

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Metallic Glamour + Tassel Details

Photo Credits to Matt Daniel // @mattjdaniel
Makeup by Savannah Schreiber @savannahschreiber_

After moving back to Houston from London, All Ze Details has been on a short-and-sweet hiatus. I partnered with fellow Houston blogger, Hey! Wendy Vanessa to relaunch All Ze Details with a summer kick-off to share our favorite metallic looks and statement accessories this season to serve as the perfect resort wear this summer; that can ultimately double up as wear-out-to-dinner in Houston ensembles. All of our pieces are readily shoppable in the Houston area, and are all suitcase-ready for your forthcoming travels. 

Hey! Wendy Vanessa has approachable style yet does not lack any attention to detail in how she styles everyday pieces on her blog. I partnered up with Wendy to show our favorite resort-ready looks, and we agreed on statement earrings as a must for the summer! Both metallic pieces - the pants and the dress - work well with a good pop-of-color. Wendy's neutral top balances out the metallic hues but the top does not lose the resort ready vibe. The knot is a fun yet chic way to change up the top. Without the knot the neutral top can certainly be worn over a bathing suit for pool-side elegance. 

I absolutely love the dress as well. I paired mine with a tassel earrings, in tassels I trust, and am almost always obsessed with any tassel details. My shoes are from Nine West Australia but I have linked similar shoes below. The bags we carry are both showcase brilliant detail from Houston designer, Elaine Turner. We fell in love with both of the pairs of earrings that we pictured from Peruvian & Houston designer, Alejandra Aspillaga. 

Meet up-and-coming jewelry designer Alejandra Aspillaga in this All Ze Details interview, and join me in welcoming her to Houston. I first came across her earrings at Elaine Turner, and immediately fell in love! 

All Ze Details: Are you from Houston/Peru? What do you love about Houston?
Alejandra: “I am Peruvian, but consider myself to have an inner-American side of me, because I have family in both Peru and in the US. I like it when I come to Houston because it is a calm, family-oriented city. I am an alumnus from St. Thomas University, where I met most of my friends, which are all still good friends of mine. Houston is full of great people, and I really appreciate and feel grateful for Houston being such a welcoming city.”
What inspired you to become a jewelry designer? Did you always want to be a designer?
“I have always been the “artsy” one in the family; I would always draw. I could not find jewelry that I liked in-stores, so I started doing it myself. People would ask me where I would get my earrings, and I started giving all of mine out, I’d say “You like them? Here, take them!” But then more-and-more people were asking me where I got my earrings from, and I started creating and designing more. I stopped jewelry for a bit and started designing swimwear, which I still do, but it is a completely different concept. I only design a limited amount from “scratch” so-to-say, and I only make a few so people do not get “uniformed” pieces. I like to design different and unique pieces.”
What type of woman do you see wearing your brand?
Personality takes a big part in this one; If say, someone enjoys life, is not afraid of fashion and statement pieces but yet can still be themselves with whichever piece of mine they may be wearing, personality takes a big part in this one.
Where are your earrings currently carried in Houston?
Elaine Turner carries most of my accessories. I am stocked in several countries as well, and in the US – surprise, surprise. But traveling around for all who like my pieces, brings a smile to my face from others appreciating my designs.
What is your current playlist for summer - what are you listening to? What songs inspire your collection?
Music, good one. I’m more of a classic old sould perhaps…jazz, blues, country, flamenco, or nature music. So, not the typical I’d say, but for me the best.
How do you start designing each pair of earrings, as each design is vastly different - is each pair inspired by a different place you've traveled (do you have a process of choosing the color & each design)?
You know, it just happens. I am very creative and my imagination goes beyond and beyond the expected. Whatever I see on a trip, at home, on TV, on people. Clothes or whatever it may be, it really varies. It brings something to my mind and from that…a collection comes along. Also, I try to make pieces for various tastes. It is like a piece of my own designs can be appreciated within all tastes. I design to inspire, and I adapt at times. It’s a pretty difficult technique but keeps me happy. Each piece is detailed, made by hand, and hard work – and that is added value that makes each design special.
Where do you hope to see your brand in 5 years?
Traveling earrings – they have had a very well welcoming in every country. To reach other countries would sound good to me.
Visit All Ze Details instagram @allzedetails (and follow while you're there) for a chance to win your very own pair of Alejandra Aspillaga earrings! Don't miss out. Contest ends Monday, June 10.  

Haili's Look 
Metallic dress Anthropologie | Earrings Alejandra Aspillaga Accessories
Seraphina Bag Elaine Turner | Shoes from Nine West Australia

Wendy's Look 
Metallic Pants Anthropologie | Knotted Tunic Anthropologie 
Earrings Alejandra Aspillaga Accessories | Byrdie Clutch Elaine Turner 

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