Monday, May 29, 2017

London Fashion Week | Day 4 at CJ Yao

Photo Credits Muffadal Abbas 

London Fashion Week has been one of the hardest fashion weeks to dress for thus far. In between queuing in the rain to wait for the next runway show in BFC Space (your hair turns into frizz, or the hairspray doesn't work after getting wet from the rain), fighting the cold outside - only to turn around to be sweating like mad on the tube, and debating on if you should wear your heels or not - never to see them again after they've lost the fight with the cobblestone roads and uneven sidewalks.

Running around in boots on Day 4 helped me keep up with the pace of the shows running around London from presentation, to show, to event. Wearing heels are much more comfortable for me, but suede gets ruined in the rain, leather heels that come to a point at the toe get completely ruined from the cobblestone, and don't get me started on what happens to the actual heel. Boots were necessary by the end of the week. I felt like I lost my mates in battle as I lost one pair, two pair, three pairs of heels and had enough casualties for the week. 

London Fashion Week was hard to dress for, by Day 4 of LFW I opted for a long sleeved ribbed dress to pair with an over-sized scarf (which I love), and ankle boots. After running around show-to-show, and ruining most of my heels - I took to a pair of boots. I belted over the scarf with a thicker belt to also help keep the scarf in place. I love these boots and picked them out at Nordstrom because of the layered metal wear around the ankle, and black matches with everything in my wardrobe. 

For this functional London outfit I have linked all of the information below for similar pieces, and the exact pieces if wanting to put together this exact outfit. 
These street style shots were snapped after the C.J. Yao show at Freemason's by Muffadal Abbas, a London based photographer. 

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Boots Nordstrom | Dress H&M | Belt &OtherStories | Handbag Aspinal of London | Scarf Anthropologie 

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