Friday, December 8, 2017

Ze Holiday Style

The perfect dress is a must for the month of December for all of the office holiday parties, Christmas events, and New Years Eve invites and this dress does not fail to impress. Be sure to RSVP "Yes" this Christmas to any and every invite you receive for any party requiring elegant attire, as an excuse to dress up. Use the same dress for various parties with a different RSVP list, guests of different parties won't have to know you wore your favorite dress twice. 

The reason I selected this dress is because it is completely customizable from the color to the length, and the straps are adjustable as well. Perfect for petites. 
There is no such thing as excess jewelry for an elegant Christmas party, especially New Years Eve. 

I layered my favorite necklaces with this dress, typically I choose gold and decided to go with a silver -- and who doesn't love a good statement earring? 

On this look I paired earrings and layered necklace together - the more the merrier. So I say, especially for holidays. Fa-la-lovely. 

Just don't over do the pile-on of jewelry, think statement that makes sense with the dress you're wearing. You always know you can reach out to me to plan your look, or help to decipher and debate on what jewelry you're wanting to pair and layer. I think these necklaces are a good starting point for any low-v-neckline. 

If I wear a necklace I do not wear a statement earring and vice-versa. But this was just too fun to layer on earrings and necklaces that I thought were stunning. This is the perfect holiday go-to look and if you're in a rush, all can be rush shipped. The shoes are from my wedding, and I've linked similar styles. I wanted just a touch of a bow somewhere for the holidays. 

And if my invite does come for a night out on the town type of Christmas party, you bet this will be exactly what I will be wearing. I've channeled my inner Sabrina on the tennis court waiting for David Larabee with champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne in hand. 

Photography Scott Perez

Dress // Necklaces one, two & three // Polish Color // Shoes 
// Earrings 

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