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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Beauty Spotlight | Nuluv Goat Milk Products

Featuring an all-natural, cruelty free beauty range hailing just outside of San Antonio, Texas - now carried in H-E-B’s across the state. Lotions that’ll have your sensitive skin longing for more; a beauty brand that treats their animals - that are the main contributor to the products, like family. A truly unique experience – the first time I visited the Nuluv farm they were hosting goat yoga, and a goat picnic experience – the goats were just as welcoming as the owners. Jonna, owner of Nuluv discusses the beauty brand with me, what’s to come for the brand and little tidbits behind the beauty line. 


How did Nuluv start? 


Nuluv began as a solution for our infant’s sensitive skin. My hubby and I both have sensitive skin, so our kids were doomed. A dermatologist put me on goat milk soap 30 years ago (I have such sensitive skin – even Cetaphil would hurt).  When my baby was allergic to EVERY DIAPER RASH cream out there, I started researching natural solutions.  He was already drinking raw goat milk by that time, because his tummy was so sensitive to everything (even when I was nursing him, I could not have any dairy in my diet). I found so much info supporting goat’s milk for children with eczema and adults with rosacea. So started playing with ingredients and came up with what is now our body butter (he’s 12 now and REALLY hates when I share that story). 

Did you always know that you’d have a beauty brand?  

I had no clue. My degree is in interior design. I imagined myself designing hot restaurants and nightclubs, not milking goats and making soap! God has a great sense of humor.

Where is Nuluv Goat Milk products located? 

Our ranch is in Center Point, which is between Kerrville and Boerne.

What is your personal favorite scent? 

Depends on the season. For spring and summer, herbal mist all the way. It’s so fresh and clean. For the fall and winter, I love the warm notes in the Starry Night and I always have to get a jar of Texas Snowflake when we make that one (sandalwood meets peppermint).

Any new products coming out (or new scents) that you can share with readers?  

It’s a secret. 

Where do you anticipate seeing Nuluv in the next few years? 

We are so excited about being able to put Nuluv on H-E-B shelves. When we started selling Nuluv, my goal was to create a quality brand that people can afford to use on a daily basis. We keep our products simple for that reason. Minimal ingredients and packaging keep that realistic.


Did you illustrate the new packaging for the lotion?

One of my best friends created our logo and labels. We met in design school at the University of North Texas, and she now works independently out of her apartment in LA. Check her out: Sarah Meraz Graphic Design. She does amazing work. Everything I’ve imagined in my head, she has been able to put on paper. The actual “goat toile” was something I thought of and Sarah helped coordinate to have a piece commissioned. The artist is named Patti Pogodzinski and she works out of Florida.

Do you have names for each and every one of your goats? 

Yes, each girl gets a name and a necklace. We actually used to stamp spoons for them to wear on their collars, but they lose them and that’s just annoying. Now they get a plastic tag with their name written on it.

The goats at Nuluv are basically family….

Oh yeah. My husband and sons spend a lot of time in the barn. I’m not out there as much as I used to be, because I’m generally in the “Soap House” (that’s what we call the production studio). When our boys were little, and we were making product at our house, they called our dining room the “Soap Room”.  So when the soaps got their own house, it became the “Soap House” – and the name stuck. Our boys are 12 and 10 now, and they have their own goats and their own responsibilities.  One boy is an expert at bottle-feeding, while another is better with milking.  And some goats get along with some boys better. It’s pretty funny.  When we drive up, the goats are at gate to greet us, usually hollering about something or other. And they sure let us know if we are late to get out to the barn at milking time. Goats are very smart and have a matriarchal herd society that I think is fascinating. But that’s a whole other thing. 

Trey, my hubby, actually grew up on one of the largest Angora goat ranches in Texas. His great-grandfather, Bob Davis, worked with another rancher and brought the Angora goat to Texas in the early 1900’s. So, goat Ranching is in Trey’s blood. He is passionate about animal care and dedicated to cruelty-free ranching. That’s why we don’t use any machines. Nuluv is the largest goat dairy in Texas that still milks my hand. Twice-a-day. Nuluv is very much a combo of his goat knowledge and ranching background and my crafty creativeness and city-girl marketing skills. I call myself his urban transplant.  

Where has Nuluv been featured? 

The goat yoga studio got a lot more attention than Nuluv, but that’s why we jumped on the goat yoga bandwagon – it was a way to make folks more aware of Nuluv. We’ve actually been in business for 10 years.  

KSAT brought us in as part of the KSAT corral for the San Antonio rodeo parade this year. My hubby and his buddy were actually the stock contractors for the sheep used in the Mutton Bustin’ competitions in both San Antonio and Houston. So all those sheep spend time grazing and living on our ranch, with the Nuluv girls.   

What is available in the Nuluv range? 

Here’s the list:

Bar soap

Foaming hand soap


Body butter

Facial moisturizer (our #1 repeat purchase on-line)

Shampoo bar

Shave soap

Calming cream (aftershave lotion or beard lotion)

Body wash

Milk bath

Chappies (Chapstick is a registered trademark)

Doggie shampoo bar


What inspires you most?  

Nuluv is a total God thing. Never ever in a million years did this path would cross my mind. He’s been in from the get go. We see each show/market as an opportunity to share with others what He has done for us. The girls that work for Nuluv are people we believe God has placed in our life so we can love on them and encourage them.  

We also help support an amazing non-profit called Hope Mommies. Hope Mommies ministers to mothers who have lost infants and young children. We make a lotion called Hope that is only available in the 2oz size. For every lotion we sell on-line, one is donated for a grieving Mom. Hope Mommies a group of mothers who have walked that road and they assemble “Hope Boxes”. Each Hope Box gets a hope lotion and a chappie, along with other gifts of comfort and encouragement. These boxes are prayed over and these Mommies are prayed for, before they even go through loss. They are distributed at hospitals all over Texas and a handful of other states as well. It’s an amazing ministry and I’m so grateful Nuluv gets to be a small part of bringing comfort to these hurting Mommas, and reminding them of the Hope we have in Him. 

If you haven’t tried Nuluv yet, or you have not yet seen it on the shelves at H-E-B – do check it out in the beauty section of your local H-E-B – which are also available to add to your cart for curbside pick up at H-E-B. The owner – Jonna absolutely loves to see “Shelvies” a pic of the Nuluv range at H-E-B if you see it don’t be shy and tag yourself or snap a photo of the Nuluv products at H-E-B tagging Nuluv Goat Milk Products on Instagram

This is a sponsored post on All Ze Details in collaboration with Nuluv Goat Milk Products. I do want to share that Nuluv was a genuine favorite long before this post. This post is in no way associated with H-E-B nor is it endorsed or sponsored by H-E-B and all add ins of H-E-B are to share the knowledge of it being carried in their store and available for curbside pick up. 

Logo courtesy of Nuluv Goat Milk Products 

Interview and Imagery original work of Haili Pue, All Ze Details. 

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Artist Spotlight | Soy Street, Home Is Where The Art Is

I came across Soy Street via instagram, and absolutely fell in love with Artist Cai hailing from Sydney Australia. Her art pulled my eyes to her instagram and I fell in love with the attention to detail, high fashion, and the way she portrays models and fashion through the storytelling of art - I instantly had to follow her work. 

Talent behind the hand that illustrates is Cai, known for her captivating work depicting and featuring Dior, CHANEL, Montblanc, Prada and Tiffany & Co; she has been recognized by celebrities and fashion influencers Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Marni x Marni, Aimee Song, and Jena Atkin. Her work is not yet a household name, but in the future I do not doubt that it will be - as her work is iconic and will hold a place in the fashion industry if not featured in magazines in the future. Her work is definitely on my radar - and soon to be a household name. 

I had the opportunity to interview the artist to look further into her inspiration, workspace, and what a day looks like at Soy Street. 

What is Soy Street known for? 

I am an illustrator based primarily in Sydney, Australia. I am known for drawing fashion, and women in fashion. The people in my work look serious but the way that I draw them is the complete opposite, it's spontaneous and relaxed. My illustration pieces are recognized as being perfectly imperfect as it typically features lines and smudges creating a truly unique piece every time. 

What inspired you to start doing fashion illustration? 

I love drawing fashion that has strong silhouettes and empowering sensuality.

What is your studio space like, and what inspires you in the space when you start illustrating? 

I don’t really have a formal studio space. I tend to work anywhere and everywhere - it ranges from on the train, in the park, in bed, in a café, and of course in my favourite arm chair. 

@soystreet illustrating mid-flight 

What are you currently doing to pass the time in quarantine? (Love watching your Instagram stories of you skate boarding, and paddle boarding)

I've got back into cycling and loving it. I'm getting longer sessions in working my way up to 100km a week. I also picked up paddle boarding - thought it was a pretty safe way to social distance but also get a decent workout.

What is currently on your playlist?

Got these guys on repeat at the moment 

Top sites that you recommend others see when traveling to Sydney? 

Broadsheet and Timeout Sydney are good places to start for taking in Sydney.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I’ve been drawing based off of magazine pictures since I was a kid but never really pursued drawing until about 2 years ago. On the other hand I got thrown into the deep end with fashion photography when I attended my first fashion week back in 2012. The experience really opened my eyes to fashion. For a while there I was building a name for myself as a photographer, but one year I decided to whip out my iPad and draw something as well. Since then I've been both photographing and illustrating backstage for designers.

What designers inspire you most to illustrate? What are your favorite illustrations? Do you see something that is incredible that typically makes you want to race to your drawing board – and has that happened before?

Yes that happens quite often actually! I might just be browsing and then suddenly want to draw (sometimes to my detriment without considering my other commitments). I am constantly looking through vintage Dior and Saint Laurent to find inspo. I love the mod and beatnik era in fashion. I'm also a huge fan of Aussie designer Dion Lee who is subverting the traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity.

Do you pull inspiration from anything other than fashion?

If it's not fashion, its probably a design or architecture magazine. 

What is your ideal dream job? Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years?

I want to illustrate with Prada or Balenciaga. It's a pretty big dream but I have learned that if you work hard a lot is obtainable! I also see myself having expanded on illustration and hopefully running workshops teaching and sharing my skills. 

Would you be delighted to see your illustrations used for Dior, or Chanel, or featured in a fashion magazine? I envision your illustrations being featured on a perfume ad, or featured in VOGUE – I don’t think you’re far off from having this actually happen.

Yes that would be such a dream! 

What other fun things can we expect to see from Soy Street forthcoming?

I have been working on transferring my illustrations beyond the digital or making paper-based prints and trying something new like skateboards. I estimate I will be offering customised skateboard designs in the upcoming months. 

Did you enjoy illustrating an 18th century dress inspired by Dior, designed by Terry Dresbach? I love Outlander, thank you for illustrating the illustrious Claire Fraser, played by Caitriona Balfe. 

I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous 18th century dress from Outlander and knew I needed to draw Claire. I just added a little limited edition Outlander series to my online shop that features the outfit from head to toe. 

With my love of Fashion & Outlander I wanted to introduce to you 3 limited edition illustrations available from Soy Street. 

I absolutely love Outlander and the heroine behind the series, Claire Fraser. I admire Terry Dresbach, the costume designer of Outlander for bringing the characters to life, through costume. Their personalities depicted from the elements of their wardrobe, speaking through the fabrics and details added to the costumes. When Cai and I started talking about doing a feature - I sent her over some of Claire's costume design from Paris. As soon as Cai saw the red dress inspired by Dior - these creations came to life, 3 limited edition prints are available on Soy Street's website and beautifully done - I can not choose one favorite. All would be beautiful to display as a collage for anyone that loves the red Paris dress as much as I do. I always love listening to the story of how Terry came up with the idea of the shoes - and how she thought it was a shame of how long the hem lengths were, because of the attention to details to the shoes and how she wishes the shoes were shown off a little more. With this art I can stare at the shoes all day. Who else loved the shoes from season 2 of Outlander? 

Other favorite personal pieces of Cai's are displayed below, also available in the Soy Street shop. 

Illustration of Bella and Gigi Hadid at the VMA courtesy of @soystreet

From the Romance Was Born Runway courtesy of @soystreet

Xia Yin illustration courtesy of @soystreet 

My personal favourite The Spice Girls courtesy of @soystreet

Follow Soy Street on Instagram

Original feature and Interview by Haili Pue, All Ze Details. 
Original Art Work courtesy of Cai, Soy Street. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Gig 'Em to any graduates that are Texas A&M bound - WHOOP! 

I truly feel for the class of 2020 having to both graduate and celebrate at home. As of current I am putting together gift baskets for graduates - which had me thinking. Where do I start? This was me graduating from Texas A&M University, above - and this list is a compilation of things that I remember loving when I went off to uni. 

I wanted to put together a gift guide of items I curated into a basket for a few graduates this year - which doesn't make up for their missing graduation, but simply let's them know I'm here - that we are here for them, that they are special and that this is an important time to commemorate.

The way I would look at it, if I were graduating again I wouldn't have to sit through the entire ceremony - My last name beginning with a "Z", but I also had an opportunity that not many get - I got to make the closing remarks at our graduation - a nerve wracking but incredibly amazing memory that I still look back on. This will definitely be a memory that graduates look back on. Something that absolutely no one expected, a moment in history - missing a graduation and still getting credit for it without having to sit through it. Another plus for graduates - maybe college won't start yet, and you'll still get the credit for it, eh? One can only wish! 

Here are the things that I am putting into gift baskets.

If you're here reading this and already got your gifts squared away for the graduate - why don't you add in a few more things while you're here? They're missing graduation for crying out loud, what's another gift? Hope you enjoy my Graduation Gift Guide! 

1. Gift Cards

Although many think it incredibly impersonal, I think it detrimental for someone starting college to get all of the gift cards they can. The graduates parents and the graduates couldn't express just how important these are to them for groceries, bedding, necessities, and food. All are greatly appreciated.
In Texas Whataburger, Chili's, Texas Roadhouse, H-E-B, Kendra Scott, Sephora, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and Wal-Mart, and just about any restaurant were requested from everyone.

2. James Avery Charms

Since I was little I received a James Avery charm for every important celebration commemorated on my charm bracelet. I now do the same for my nieces. James Avery has a personalized charm for everyone - initials and graduation caps. If it is someone that you are close to a charm bracelet, initial, graduation cap, or the year 2020 charm would be perfect - if not all on one bracelet. You can make it as incredibly personalized as you'd like.

3. New Alma Marter Apparel and Items
Each of the graduates I am purchasing for are all going to different universities. I selected ponchos for football games, apparel from their schools, anything with a logo on it from their new university I tossed into their basket. Check apps like Mercari and Poshmark. The shipping takes a little less time than it would ordering from other stores (if the purchaser you're buying from quickly puts it in the mail) and people are bored at home decluttering their homes, and willing to take offers at this moment on both of the apps. I found a few gems on these apps for awesome apparel for each of the universities that I was looking for, all brand new with tags. Everything was shipped to me quicker than shopping on Amazon and Target. Details & listings from the apps below. 

I am absolutely loving all of the one-of-a-kind items on Etsy
Including this Century Tree water color painting depicting the Century Tree at Texas A&M University. I have a Benjamin Knox (Aggie Artist, well known at Texas A&M University) Century Tree painting framed with my degree, it is my favorite spot on campus. 

Poshmark Credit: 
If you want to try out Poshmark use code ALLZEDETAILS for a $10 app credit - that's a gift right there, or will at least cover your shipping costs. Applies to new users only.

Mercari Credit: 
Sign up for Mercari here from your mobile device and receive a $10 app credit if you are new to the app. There's another gift, and or cost covered for your shipping. Here is the exact link: it may only work from your mobile device seeing that it is only an app. 

Use these app credits to shop the items below for graduates. 

Poshmark Listings 

4. Laundry Basket or Decorative Basket

For the base of your gift you can use a laundry basket (which comes highly recommended, espcially for dorms - you can find a nice one at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Marshall's or TJ Maxx.

5. Kendra Scott

For the girls - they absolutely love this jewelry brand. The new friendship bracelets are wonderfully priced, and come in just about every color. You can not go wrong with a Danielle or Elle earring - cute to throw on with any tee for a football game - casual enough to glam up university apparel. For the fashionista, the brand new Summer collection just hit stores.

6. Inspirational Books

Books with inspirational quotes, the classic "Oh The Places You Will Go" and similar books are perfect to add into the basket. One that I recently found is the perfect one to throw in alongside Dr. Suess - you've got the whimsy of a child - and the wisdom of an experienced author looking back on her twenties to play off of each other in one basket - isn't that the joy of college? You are in between a child, and reasonable adult. "The Rocket Years" by Elizabeth Segran. Sign the front cover on the inner of the book with an inspirational quote as opposed to gifting a card.

7. Towels, Clothing Hangers & Odds-and-Ends 
One thing that people overlook is the necessities. There's a cute wrap towel that the women can appreciate especially when getting ready. It's a simple wrap towel that is inexpensive but well appreciated and probably one of the most used things. Throwing in one or two bath towels, or hand towels could never hurt - especially for the boys going off to college who never think of it. I am well out of college and I still get messages saying "Hey! I still have that towel!" I gifted towels with their initials on it, and their uni mascot. If you can embroider at home, it's a great personal touch. A single towel hook for the wall might be nice, or a soap dish - things of that nature. Over-the-door towel hooks are also nice since you don't want to put holes in the wall at your apartment/dorm. All are linked in the gallery below for ideas. 

Market Dish Towels

8. Recipe Tin with Recipe Cards 
We all know college students don't have time to whip up anything - so a cookbook may just very well be useless. But a recipe card inserted into a recipe card tin might help - like simple recipes. How to create a quick velveeta dip, quick things to make on the go, maybe little tidbits for basic recipes will go a long way. Did you have a favorite in college? Something simple, basic & quick? Add it in, the graduate might appreciate it! 

9. Cooking Utensils 
Lord knows my roommates and I were not always prepared with utensils but we always had something to whip up a boxed cake. Add in measuring cups, a spatula, or oven mitts. Some grads may not have thought of that yet. BONUS - find cooking utensils with the University's logo or mascot. WINNING! Wal Mart always has the best easy-to-add-in plastic measuring cups - small enough to pop into a basket. It's not always a fun gift, but they'll appreciate it once they're off at college. 

A set of measuring cups to also serve as a decorative 
piece on the counter, nice that they stack to save space. 

10. Candles 
I've had mixed feed back on candles due to dorms not allowing candles, but if you were to add in a small candle I always burned my Capri Blue Volcano candle while studying & the scent is calming. It's still a favorite in my home. A little diffuser might be nice - that way incase the dorm room or dorm smell isn't pleasing - they can always pop a diffuser on the night stand. 

How beautiful is the idea of this diffuser as a bouquet for the graduate that they can keep with them at college? A celebratory bouquet for graduation that stays fresh and smells good as a diffuser in their apartment or dorm? Love the idea of this. Various scents & bouquets available. Click on the caption of the link above or the picture of the bouquet diffuser in the gallery below. 

11. Perfume 
Perfume with initials is an excellent idea - you have to really know the person to get the right scent, and to know if they'll really utilize this - or not. I did in college, and had my initials engraved. It was always a gift my Mother gave me, and now a tradition. I keep all of the perfume bottles to decorate on a tray, even after they are empty. One amazing scent is Florence Tocca - due to the shape of the bottle this option would not work for engraving, but Chanel Mademoiselle always looks lovely with the three initials engraved or full first name. Pendance is based out of Houston, and does an absolutely amazing job. 

12. Personalized Coffee Set 
I never was a coffee drinker until college. Give the graduate a personalized touch for their daily cup; With an initial mug, a tiny coffee make or french press, fresh coffee beans or sample sized coffee to give them a bit of coffee to sample to see what they like. If you're in Texas, H-E-B has small travel sized ground coffees for their own brand of coffee - my favorite is the San Antonio Blend. They have Hawaiian, San Antonio Blend, Houston Blend, Austin Blend, and various other flavors. Just an initial mug and a few small sized coffees will do. If they don't like coffee create a variety pack. The boxed Chai Latte from Starbucks is amazing (on the coffee aisle) just add milk and ice and it's a great option to add into a basket, or just add hot teas. Whatever floats the graduate's boat. Throw in some Cafe du Monde beignet mix. Now we're cookin'. 

Sharing is caring, share this gift guide with anyone needing ideas for graduate gift baskets. You can also DM me on instagram if I can send you any other specific items from apps or websites for a specific school. I can help you put together gifts for graduates if you message me @allzedetails

Friday, December 8, 2017

The Crown

New Years Eve boasts of new hopes, new dreams, and new possibilities. Why not wear a crown to own the last night of the year? In celebration I selected this crown, I honestly love it and it's adjustable. 

I fell in love with this dress the first time I saw it, and it is perfect for petites. Between the crown, and the draping of the dress I honestly do feel like a Queen. If you recognize the style of the crown it is the same exact designer that featured on CW network's Reign on Adelaide Kane, Mary Queen of Scots. It truly is fit for a Queen whether on-or-off screen. The crowns were also featured on Catherine de Medici and Princess Claude.

What better timing to wear the crown, since Netflix's The Crown premieres today - which I am beyond excited to binge watch all of the episodes. I might have to wear my crown while sipping hot cocoa in bed. I didn't plan that but I'm giddy over the timing since I am a fan of The Crown. 

All this talk of Reign and The Crown, this crown certainly does the trick to make for a regal look for NYE. Ring the New Year in a regal way.

I loved tying in tones of gold with this hunter green dress, made exclusively for petites. Beautiful draping around the shoulder and a sexy slit in the front make this a beautiful go-to New Year’s Eve dress. I typically have trouble finding the perfect length in dresses, even in petites and they did this dress so beautifully and so perfectly for petites. All hail a perfect petites dress. 

As Lorde says, “I’m little but I’m coming for the crown.” Well put from a 5’ 5” petite someone who knows we’ll never be royals, but we can always party in royal fashion.

Cheers to your coronation in the new year. 

Photography Scott Perez 


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